My notes on a peppercorn – keeping track of real estate

As a real estate professional, you want to keep track of property news and trends, transactions and real estate market developments. At least, I do. So you follow the property related headlines, newsletters, social media, professional fora (both on- and offline), networking groups and you go to real estate industry fairs and events around the world. Or at least, you intend to.

As a real estate professional, I was keeping track of real estate news and developments for years, when I started this weblog in 2009. Given my area of expertise, my main focus was on retail investments in the UK, residential investments in Germany and pretty much anything in the Netherlands. And because of my activities elsewere, I was also interested in what was going on in Central Europe and SE Asia as well.

Things started to develop quickly during the 2008 turmoil in the financial markets and some serious shifts became aparent over the course of 2008-2009. Given this rapid evolvement that had (and has) tremendous effects on real estate markets, I thought it would be interesting to not only keep track, but also to comment on the developments. So I did. I started this weblog, calling it ‘On a Peppercorn’, a methaphor for a very small contribution. So, ‘on a peppercorn’ is my two cents.

Who am I?

Prime Pitch - 2021 - online res-21My name is Rutger Nooij and I am the author of ‘On A Peppercorn’. I’m a Dutch resident and a real estate professional with over 20 years experience in real estate, mainly in Europe. I hold a Masters in Business Economics and I am based in Amersfoort, the Netherlands. My experience includes financing, investing, asset management and fund management, all related to real estate. I am interested in both direct and indirect (listed) real estate investments, funding, emerging markets, property finance and the economy in general. I run Prime Pitch Asset Management, focusing on property investments, fund management and strategic advisory for private and institutional clients.

I  make irregular posts to this weblog, related to real estate worldwide. Very irregular. To contact me, leave a reply below [which will not be published]. Thank you for visiting this weblog. 


  1. Hi Rutger. I’m a Swedish student currently writing my Master of Science Thesis in the field of external real estate valuation, at Chalmers University of Technology. I found an article on this website called “Crises exposes real estate valuation flaws” posted on March 20 (2009), and I really liked the picture attached to it (a faded man in suite leaning over some buidlings) and I would therefore ask for your permission to use it as my cover page for my Master Thesis document.

    Yours sincerely
    Jens Wallén

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