After the Oscar-winning documentary “Inside Job”  there is now another must-see documentary on the 2008 financial collapse: Meltdown. Meltdown is a four-part investigation that takes a closer look at the people who brought down the financial world.

Part 1: The men who crashed the world
In the first episode of Meltdown, we hear about four men who brought down the global economy: a billionaire mortgage-seller who fooled millions; a high-rolling banker with a fatal weakness; a ferocious Wall Street predator; and the power behind the throne.

Part 2: A global financial tsunami
Meltdown examines how an epidemic of fear caused banks to stop lending, triggered protests and led to industrial action.

Part 3: Paying the price
As the toll of the financial crisis continues to mount, many are looking for its true causes – and finding a crime.

Part 4: After the fall
Some responded with denial, others by re-thinking capitalism, but who is preparing for the next crisis?

Produced by CBC Canada and distributed by Al Jazeera.