Dog days are over

Back to were we started off with this blog: March 2009. We’ve set off while the economy was based on quicksand: banks, companies and consumers were suffering alike. Governments too, due to the necessity to bail out and to support the weak. And even countries have been taken to the cleaners. Take Greece and Ireland for example. Real estate markets have suffered substantially and have come down “back to basics“.

After that, the bottom of the market has been called. It took a while since then for prices to adjust to the new reality (after all, you can eat an elephant only bit by bit). And now, it seems dealflow is picking up after summer 2010, it seems like the dog days are over. That said, we should point out that current deals are mainly at institutional-sized volumes and between larger market participants.

Let’s see where current trend takes us. Today is the first day of the Expo Real Property Fair in Munich. We will keep you posted from there.