What do you think of @Property_Update on Twitter?

A few months ago, we have created the Twitter account @Property_Update. Originating from our own need for property market news, research and transaction information, we decided to bundle a few specific, property-market news feeds and  channel them to Twitter. Meanwhile, we have updated the feeds, included some more, delete a few and now we have about 25 property news feeds connected to the twitstream on @Property_Update. In a few months, we have over 13.000 updates (and counting) and over 650 followers (and counting).

With @Property_Update, we have created a tool that is useful for our own needs; providing quick updates on real estate market developments with a link to the full coverage.

Now tell us: how does this service work for you? What would you like to have improved? Too many links? Too few? Are you missing specific property news feeds?

Please provide us with your input by using the poll below. You may choose up to 3 answers that best describe your opinion on the @Property_Update twitter service. Answer not listed? Need more space? Put it in the ‘Other’ box below. Thank you for your time!