Poll: Are We Out of the Woods Yet?

CB033024Many talk about green shoots for some months now. Others say that worse is yet to come. We have seen some recovery in some commercial property markets. Nevertheless, investment transaction stay behind in both volume and yields. It is clear that occupier demand is down, as well as investor’s demand. But, where are we now? Are we out of the woods yet? Vote here.

Poll results are here.


One thought on “Poll: Are We Out of the Woods Yet?

  1. after a remarkable period of synchronised global growth we’ll see decoupling, in growth & thus in asset prices. the OECD took a mortage on the future, some can affort this mortage, some cannot (due to thrift&demographics), china etc will grow but will painfully discouver cyclicality exists after all, japan will probably be this crisis biggest victim, but it’s unlikely to be clear any time soon, watch japaneese saving rates (already below USA!!!)

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