Boris Johnson attracting foreign investors…

boris-johnson1Following up on a previous post: Welcome to the real world: UK real estate

Boris Johnson is attracting foreign investors as well as foreign companies. Johnson explained why London is interesting:

‘London offers magnificent opportunities for overseas business with unrivalled access to western markets, a skilled workforce and one of the most diverse social and leisure scenes in the world.’

(Everybody knows this allready, right?).

So, on top of all these magnificent, unrivalled and diverse opportunities that London has on offer,  the city’s second mayor is offering foreign firms up to 12 months of free office space and the use of a dedicated adviser to support firms in setting up a London base.

But that’s not all!

gbp-eur-usd1Please, do bear in mind the fact that foreign investors have been enjoying the devaluation of the British pound against major currencies (and they still do). So, whoever is calculating in EUR or USD (and some other currencies) can now come to London, open an office for free, get free advise and on top of that enjoy cheap oysters at Harrods, cheap suits at Savile Row, cheap City hotel rates as well as cheap cab rides around town…

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Well, that’s what I call some beauty offensive!